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Welcome to my world, guys!

Please come to my page . . . ^ ^

50 things about me :

1. My name is Intan Sari Widya Ningrum, but I like to be called “intan”,

2. I’ve been born in Jakarta and live in West Sumatera

3. I studied ’bout Law

4. I drink a lot of tea

5. I don’t like sports

6. I prefer T-Shirts and hate suits

7. I’m only good at things I enjoy (or maybe the other way round)

8. I’m not a public talker

9. I love to take photographs but am not keen to be photographed

10. I’m often impatient with others

11. Most people don’t like most of the music I like

12. I had several pets in my youth

13. I’d love to see the earth from space one day, but doubt it will happen

14. I don’t care for soccer

15. My favourite colour is black and if you say that’s not a color, I compromise on blue

16. I’m right handed

17. I love silly personality tests on the net

18. Pirates are way cooler than ninjas in my opinion

19. I like silly cartoons like Patrick in Sponge Bob

20. I like traveling

21. I have a scar at my arm

22. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience

23. I like to see the moonlight at night

24. I like to feel the music flowing on my face

25. I like to look at the clouds in the sky with a blank mind

26. I like country’s peace

27. I like delicious food

28. I like people

29. I always wanted to be a great writer

30.   I also wanted to be a great psychologist

31. I am just someone who does some teaching, some research, and some writing. But my dream is still alive.

32. I like simple jewelry

33. I also can’t stand lying and liars

34. I like decorating and interior design

35. I love listening to a person’s problems and helping them work through solving them

37. I am not afraid of death but I’m a little afraid of dying. I just don’t want Alzheimers

38. I like to hear a guitar and piano, but i can’t paly it

39.  I like natural fruit drinks

40. If I could have only one book on a desert island, I think it would have to be a complete Shakespeare.

41. I don’t like to get wet more than once a day

42. I like to go for long walks

43. I like to make things with my hands

44. When I work, I work hard.

45. I like most vegetables

46. I’m a good cook, and I enjoy cooking, but cooking for one is boring

47. A picnic on a beautiful day or a balmy night is one of the nicest ways to spend time with someone you care abou

48. I like being around people who are enthusiastic

49. It’s not hard to hurt my feelings

50. I can’t believe how hard it is to make a 50 item list about myself

All of you free for read, comment, and complain about my page.


Posted September 3, 2011 by Intan Sari Widya Ningrum

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